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Hiking Tips


* Don’t hike alone - it’s safer and more fun to do the trail with a friend.
* Know your limitations. Don’t do more than you are able
* Bring plenty of water (One quart for short hikes-more for longer hikes).
* A water pack is preferable for you to keep your hands free while hiking.
* Wear appropriate footwear, preferably hiking boots.
* Wear light-colored, comfortable clothing.
* Bring a hat and sunblock (SPF 15 minimum).
* Use common sense and courtesy while on the trails.
* Announce your intentions and slow your pace when passing someone on the trails. Do not litter.
* Destruction or removal of plants, animals, historical, prehistoric or geological sites are prohibited.
* Do not chase or harass wildlife.
* Avoid putting your hands and feet anywhere you cannot see.
* Bring basic first aid supplies.
* Bring your cell phone


***The information below is provided as a guide only. Each hiker assumes the risks associated with hiking in the great outdoors, including the responsibility for paying any bills associated with rescue efforts or medical care. The wise hiker always carries drinking water, food, and first aid items.***

* Easy(E): 6 miles or less; mostly level ground or only slight incline.

* Moderate(M): Distance of 7 - 10 miles with an elevation gain that will generally not exceed 350 feet per mile, with a total elevation gain of no more than 1000 ft.

* Moderately Strenuous(MS):
This hike could be 7 - 10 miles in length, but include rocky trail conditions, tricky stream crossings or elevation gain of more than 1000 ft. but less than 2000 ft.

* Strenuous(S):
Any hike that is a distance of 10 to 14 miles or with more than 2000 ft. total elevation gain, but no more than 3000 ft.

* Extremely Strenuous(S+):
Usually involves distances of more than 14 miles or more than 3000 ft. in elevation gain. There might be very steep/rugged climbs, deep stream crossings, or unmaintained trails.


Standard pace (SP) is 2 miles per hour; less on steep or rugged terrain.

* Fast pace (FP)
is 2.5 to 3 miles per hour or more and may not vary much regardless of terrain